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The BIK report will allow you to check your credit history

The Credit Information Bureau is the largest database in Poland that provides data that relate to the liabilities held by individual clients and entrepreneurs. Constantly updated BIK reports collect information on both loans and online loans offered by institutions from the non-banking sector. Therefore, it can be boldly used by people planning to apply for financial support in one of the loan companies operating on the market.

A meticulously presented credit history will allow us to decide if we can send a loan application or not. It accurately shows the timeliness of repayment of each previous liability and allows you to control the amounts due. If it turns out that we do not have any overdue payments and always pay the installments on time, let’s boldly apply. Let’s use payday rankings and installment loan rankings. This is the best help in finding cost-effective loan services offered by reliable lenders.

Why else is it worth downloading the BIK report?

The BIK report is not only an opportunity to check your credit history. It is also a way to learn the BIK score, the so-called scoring. What exactly is bank scoring? Assessment of clients’ creditworthiness, based on their credit activity, timeliness in repayments and frequency of submitting applications for financial support. That is why the BIK report is very useful when we intend to apply for a loan or the lender refused it. We will find out how we are assessed by financial institutions and what was the reason for receiving a negative decision. The report obtained from the Credit Information Bureau is also information on currently regulated liabilities. We may accidentally find out that someone has made a financial commitment using our data. This is unlikely but possible. Therefore, it is better to remain vigilant than suddenly receive a prompt urging you to pay installments of which we had no idea.

Clear the history of the Credit Information Bureau

Clear the history of the Credit Information Bureau

Many people want to clear the BIK report, but deleting negative information is possible only in three situations. What? First of all, when we want to withdraw consent to the processing of our data on the subject of a repaid loan. Secondly – if five years have passed since the repayment of receivables, which were difficult for us. Thirdly, if you find an error or outdated information in the report. Importantly, we do not submit requests to BIK, but to the institution from which the information comes. The Credit Information Bureau may only make changes if it receives a written request from it.

How to download the BIK report?

If we decide to download the BIK report, we set up an account on the website of the Credit Information Bureau. Then we choose one of the available offers and provide personal data. Next, we confirm the identity and log in to the BIK website to download the purchased document.

The BIK report facilitates applying for a loan. When we receive it, the last important issue will remain. What? We should learn how to seek financial support so that the budget stops limiting us. The rules are simple. Let’s not borrow more than our finances allow, and we’ll easily settle payments. For this we always check the credibility of the lenders and make thorough analyzes of the available offers. Then we will be sure that we have signed a contract with the appropriate company operating in the non-bank loans sector.

How much does the BIK report cost?

To order a BIK report, we can use a one-time offer or opt for a package containing a set of additional services. A full report costs PLN 36, while the Report in the package, containing 12 full reports with additional services, is valued at PLN 79. It is also possible to receive a free BIK report without the option of printing, scoring or credit history.

It is worth using the offer of the Credit Information Bureau reports and thus check your credit history. If, after analyzing the report, we decide to take out a loan, we must ensure the correct amount of the commitment. Only then will we not spoil our image in the eyes of financial institutions.

How does the Credit Information Bureau collect information?

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All data available in the Credit Information Bureau come from financial institutions operating on the market. They send information about loans granted and contracting clients. BIK always receives data when the borrower submits the application and then when he repays the benefits received. Financial institutions inform BIK about both the lack of timely payments and about regular payments. The data must be updated within a maximum of 7 days of payment of the benefit, expiration or determination of a non-existent obligation, correction or updating of information, and obtaining a new loan.

Checking the credibility of customers

Now you know that loan companies use BIK to check the credibility of customers. You can also verify the reliability of the lender looking for company registration details and finding out contact details. You can also follow the list of warnings published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for security reasons. Then we will be sure that we can safely use the loan services of the company.

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